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Sibel kekilli

She is an actress, known for Die Fremde (2010), Contra la pared (2004) and Eve dönüs (2006). Juego de tronos (2011-2014).

The publicity of the Golden Bear award for her debut "Gegen die Wand" shed some light on her past, when the Yellow Press discovered that she had acted in several porn movies under the role name Dilara.

In her acceptance speech at the 2004 Bambi Awards, she protested against the media coverage of her past as porn actress. She reproached the tabloids "Bild" and "Kölner Express" for "media rape".
Was discovered by a casting agent for Contra la pared (2004) at a Cologne shopping mall.
Resides in Hamburg, Germany.
After graduation, she worked not only as an employee in the administration of her hometown Heilbronn, but also as a waitress and shop assistant.
Is of Turkish descent.
Is a supporter of the organisation Terre de Femmes. A organisation that fights for equal rights for women and helps them live an independent life.
Has a binovular twin sister.
Personal Quotes 
It's not my passion to wake up at 6:00 in the morning to do my exercises. Sometimes I really hate it. I'm lazy.
If you move to Canada, after a few years you call yourself Canadian. In Germany, it's difficult to belong.
I'd like to say it is only average people who revel in the mistakes of others.
I have to make sure I don't eat too much chocolate. You can't imagine how hard that is for a German to not eat chocolate.
Acting for me is like a ping-pong game. That's the secret of acting. When you have a really good actor, I always want to be as good as he is or she is.
The pressure in Hollywood is bigger to look good than in Germany. In Germany, we are more forgiving. Having a personal coach in Germany is not nearly as common as in Hollywood. In Hollywood, I think everyone has a personal trainer.
I wasn't a competitor. I would play outside with my friends, but not really anything like ballet or soccer. I tried to play soccer, and it went badly.

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