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Jack Gleeson

He is an actor, known for Batman Begins (2005), Juego de tronos (2011) and El brillo del arco iris (2009)...


Has a sister named Hannah.
Is a student at Trinity College in Dublin.
Is a member of the DU Players.
Is a co-founder of Collapsing Horse, a production company. "Monster/Clock: A Play on Time" was the recent puppet production performed at the Smock Alley Theatre in Dubin, Spring, 2012. 

He was the puppeteer for the lead character, Toby.
Dublin, Ireland: Studying [August 2012]
Croatia, Dubrovnik: Filming Game of Thrones [April 2012]
He went to Gonzaga College, a private school in Dublin from 2004-2010.
Gleeson is the founder and artistic director of Collapsing Horse Theatre Company, which is based in Dublin.

Personal Quotes 

I'm happy to sacrifice a big pay cheque for my happiness, if that's not too corny a thing to say. It's probably more naive than mature to say that, maybe, but that's how I feel.
I think audiences will always like bad guys who kill for no apparent reason. We just like to hate them.
Both villains and heroes need to have a steadfast belief in themselves.

I'd like to be an academic, a philosophy lecturer if possible. I'd do a Masters in Ancient Hebrew maybe, and a Ph.D. hopefully, if I get in.