Freddie Highmore (info)

Freddie Highmore (info)

Freddie Highmore
was born on February 14, 1992 in Camden Town, London, England as Alfred Thomas Highmore. He is an actor, known for Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate(2005), August Rush (El triunfo de un sueño) (2007) and Las crónicas de Spiderwick(2008).

Johnny Depp requested him to play Charlie Bucket in Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate(2005).
Descubriendo Nunca Jamás (2004) director Marc Forster decided to schedule one of Highmore's toughest scenes (where he tears up a book and demolishes a playhouse) on his second day of filming, deliberately so other cast members could see the child act and change their attitude towards working with him.

Is a football fan.

Has said he is not planning to continue acting as an adult.

His real father, Edward Highmore, played his father in Jack y las judías mágicas: la historia real (2001).

During the shooting of Descubriendo Nunca Jamás (2004), his favorite action was the demolition of the playhouse.

Said it was hard to concentrate during filming of the final scene of Descubriendo Nunca Jamás (2004) with Johnny Depp in London because fans were standing off-camera screaming "We love you Johnny!"

Won an Empire Award for Best Newcomer for his role in Descubriendo Nunca Jamás(2004).

His real brother, Bertie Highmore, played his brother in Cosas de mujeres (1999).

Plays the clarinet and enjoys soccer and video games. Learning to play the guitar.

Learns French.

Began acting in small parts on TV shows when he was 7.

Actress Helena Bonham Carter has played his mother three times: in his first film Cosas de mujeres (1999), his most famous role Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate (2005), and (as his stepmother) in the BBC film Toast (2010).

His mother Sue Latimer is his agent. One of her clients is Imelda Staunton. She also represents his friend Daniel Radcliffe.

Was originally supposed to star in Los chicos de diciembre (2007) but had to pull out because his grandmother was sick and he couldn't go to Australia to film.

His favorite actor is Johnny Depp, his co-star in Descubriendo Nunca Jamás (2004) and Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate (2005).

The voice of 'Pantalaimon' in La brújula dorada (2007) was originally recorded by an adult actor but the filmmakers decided it made the character sound too old, so they cast Freddie instead. 'Pantalaimon' was originally going to be voiced by his co-star from Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate (2005), Adam Godley.

Is fluent in French and Spanish.

Has played the son of two Ophelias: Helena Bonham Carter in Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate (2005) and Kate Winslet in Descubriendo Nunca Jamás (2004).

Freddie has achieved 10 A* grades on his GCSEs (English language, English literature, maths, Spanish, French, Latin, geography, biology, chemistry and physics).

He is a supporter of the Arsenal Football Club.

[2008] He sat his AS Levels in English Language, English Literature, Maths, Spanish, French, Latin, Geography, Biology, Chemistry and Physics for his GCSE.

According to the Independent (UK), as of September 2013, Highmore is three years into a four-year degree in Spanish and Arabic at Cambridge University. He told the newspaper that he was considering eventually leaving acting for a job that uses his language skills in some capacity, including possibly working for MI5 (the British national security and intelligence agency).

Friends with the Narnia actor Skandar Keynes.

He attend The University of Cambridge and majored in Arabic and Spanish.

Personal Quotes (10)
When I left the set of Descubriendo Nunca Jamás (2004), I was quite upset, because I thought I wouldn't see Johnny again. And Charlie wants to go back to the chocolate factory. We both got our wishes.

Well, you just sort of think about what the character's thinking, and then you're in the character.

I'm not sure what I would like to do when I'm older. I might want to travel and see the world. That would be quite fun.

I try to stay a normal boy as much as possible. I play soccer on the weekend with my friend. I play video games, but not as much as Mike Teavee [the video-game addict in Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate (2005)]. I quite enjoy soccer games. I support the team called Arsenal. They just won the [English Football Association] Cup.

I try and stay a normal kid as much as possible. At the weekend I play soccer with my friends.

[Talking about being treated like an adult] That was really important for me, although I think I am a bit more mature than some kids my age because I've spent more time with adults. And I haven't grown my hair over my eyes or anything.

It's nice to pick up the guitar now and again and play back the songs and be reminded of the film -- but if you gave me any other songs to play, I wouldn't be very good at them.

[Talking about his dressing room demands] Because I'm a spoiled little brat, I absolutely always insist on a table and chair and lighting. This February I'm even going to demand heating.

Scary is good. Kids like going to a movie and being really scared rather than fake scared.

[on celebrity] As long as you don't stand on the corner and wave your arms about, people don't notice you too much.