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Krysten Ritter
is well-known for her critically acclaimed turn as "Jane Margolis" on AMC's hit series, Breaking Bad (2008), and as the titular character, "Chloe", in Apartmento 23(2012), for ABC.

Krysten stars in the Netflix series Marvel's Jessica Jones, as the titular character; a former super hero trying to overcome her dark past. She will also play Jessica Jones in the upcoming Netflix event mini-series The Defenders

Most recently Krysten starred alongside Amy Adams in Tim Burton's Big Eyes (2014) and in Listen Up Philip (2014) opposite Jason Schwartzman. She starred, co-wrote, and co-produced the indie-comedy L!fe Happens (2011) (Universal) and some of her other film credits include

Verónica Mars: la película (2014) (WB), Refuge (2015) and Ni en sueños (2010), Vamps(2012) and Confesiones de una compradora compulsiva (2009).

Addittionally, Ritter has a first-look production deal with Universal TV, where she is developing and producing television properties under the shingle, "Silent Machine". Onstage, Ritter recently starred in the New York premiere of Zach Braff's play, "All New People", opposite Justin Bartha, at Second Stage Theater. Her other theater credits include "All This Intimacy", which also played at Second Stage, and the "24 Hour Plays" at the Signature Theatre.

Beyond her career as a performer, Ritter has an eye for fashion and co-designed a dress with Corey Lynn Calter. She collaborated with Alice and Olivia to create a small capsule line of shoes reflective of Ritter's girlie-but-edgy personal style. Ritter was the lead of the fall 2009 and 2010 Banana Republic ad campaigns. She is also a member of the rock band, "Ex Vivian", which released a record in 2012 and have contributed tracks to a number of her projects as well as The Road With In directed by Gren Wells.

She splits her time between New York and Los Angeles. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Rebecca Atwood

Trade Mark 
Often plays characters with questionable morality

Full lips

Long black hair

Raised on a farm in Shickshinny, Pennsylvania. Was not allowed to ride a horse, so she rode a cow named "Jake".

Trained as an actor in NYC.

Plays guitar.

Writes songs, sings, and plays guitar in the New York City band Ex Vivian.

Her acting coach is Marjorie Ballentine.

An "Ex-Vivian" song will be used in her latest film, Frost (2008) (aka "The Last International Playboy").

Wrote, recorded, and performed a song for BuzzKill (2012), a film in which she stars.

Was discovered at a young age at a shopping mall, where she and her mother were shopping.

Stars in new Starz series, Gravity (2010). [April 2010]

Personal Quotes 
I started studying acting, got commercials, and here we are 100 years later. I'm acting and writing and I have a pool and a dog.

I was totally picked on, but look at me now! I was definitely picked on by boys and girls. I was really lanky and skinny and the boys would say, 'Turn sideways and stick out your tongue, you look like a zipper.'

I am sarcastic and dry, but I also have a pretty huge zest for life.

I like to be stylish and edgy, but also low maintenance.

I'm currently single, so I want to have fun! As for what guys need to do to date out of their league, it's all about the swagger. If you have confidence, you can get pretty much any girl.

My parents actually wanted me to join the service.

I've watched 'Clueless' as many times as humanly possible. Like, I would run home from school to watch it. Like, I can quote it backwards.

I'm the only person in the entire world who has never see 'Dawson's Creek.'

I'm a weirdo. I don't leave the house unless I have to.

I was always loud and obnoxious and giggly and funny.

I'm having a great time. I get to travel and see the world. And yeah, I'll have a family, because I don't want to miss out on that amazing experience, but it's not defining who I am.

I used Vamps as a casting couch! I pretty much did, because I was casting 'L!fe Happens' while I was on the set of Vamps, and anybody I had ever worked with, I asked to be in this movie.

I have a new little stray dog that I've had for about a month now. His name is Mikey Mohawk - he's this little terrier with a natural Mohawk. My friend found him hit by a car on Pico Boulevard.

I don't normally do shoots in bikinis - I'm just not that kind of girl. But for 'Maxim' I was like, 'Bring it on!' I wanted to wear the higher heels and the skimpier bathing suit. I figured I'd go for it!

I've always lived out of a suitcase. I was in a new city every three months. When I was a model, I traveled the world, and as an actor you're traveling from movie set to movie set. So I've never been in one place long enough for anything super-bad to happen.

When I was 15, I was scouted at the mall by Elite Model Management. I started to go to New York on the bus in high school, which was about four hours door-to-door from my hometown, until I moved to New York and lived in models' apartments all over.

When I go home to Pennsylvania, my cousins who live in small towns and are twenty-three with kids are like 'Krysten, when are you getting married?' 'When are you having a kid?' Honestly, those aren't the most important things to me right now.

On the farm, I had chores. I had a calf. We had a herd of cattle in the pasture. We'd go and get me a calf at a cow auction with Amish people, which I would raise. I gave it a bottle every day, in this cute little coop, like a giant dog coop almost. I've always been a big animal person.

I've never been a fearful person. When I was growing up, I wanted to be an actress, a writer, and a musician and I never really processed that those are the three hardest jobs - I just never even processed it.