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Anna Faris
was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to Karen (Bathurst), a special ed teacher, and Jack Faris, a sociologist. Her ancestry includes English, German, Scottish, French, Dutch, and Welsh.

Anna started acting very young but not professionally. She loved watching plays and eventually produced her own with all the neighborhood children. She was always encouraged with the emphasis that she wasn't just "pretending" but rather being an unpaid producer, director, writer and actor.

Her first paid job was at the Seattle Repertory Theatre at age nine. She loved it and did other local plays and readings. After graduating from the University of Washington in English Literature, she decided to leave for London to work and write, but after filming (the less than wonderful) El asesino de Lover Lane (2000) and a short for the Seattle Film Festival, she decided to give Los Angeles a try. She signed with up with a wonderful management agency and before she could catch her breath, Keenen Ivory Wayans casted her in Scary Movie (2000).

She never takes anything for granted and just feels so very fortunate to have been given a chance. (An example was her trying to thank all the journalists and photographers that came to the New York premiere.)

Anna is married to actor Chris Pratt. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Karen Faris (Mother), Todd C. & Miles of T.U.A.F.E.

Chris Pratt (9 July 2009 - present) (1 child)
Ben Indra (3 June 2004 - 19 February 2008) (divorced)

Trade Mark
Blonde hair and blue eyes

Frequently appears in comedies

Is a natural blonde. She dyed her hair black during the production of Scary Movie (2000) and Scary Movie 2 (2001) so she could give her character, "Cindy Campbell", a "Neve Campbell-ish look".

Her parents are Karen and Jack Faris. Has one brother named Robert Faris. All are sociologists.

Ranked #57 on Maxim magazine's Hot 100 Women of 2004 list.

Graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in English Literature.

Spoofs Los ángeles de Charlie (2000) in two films: first, in Scary Movie 2 (2001), as Cindy Campbell (poking fun at Drew Barrymore's chair escape scene), and again in Lost in Translation (2003), as starlet Kelly (in the press conference for her action movie with "Keanu").

Grew up in Edmonds, Washington.

Had only done dramatic plays and films before she got her role in Scary Movie (2000).

(January 29, 2009) Engaged to Chris Pratt.

Was recommended for the role of Erica on Friends (1994) by Matthew Perry who was a huge fan of her work in Lost in Translation (2003).

Is a huge fan of Parker Posey.

Is two years older than Topher Grace who plays her twin brother in Llévame a casa nena(2011).

Not related to Sean Faris.

Grew up in the same neighborhood as her Una conejita en el campus (2008) co-star, Katharine McPhee, but never met until filming began.

Ranked #44 on Maxim magazine's Hot 100 Women of 2011 list.

She is also a singer.

She has Dutch, English, French, German, Scottish and Welsh ancestry.

Her mother is a former special education instructor and her father is a sociologist.

Anna and her husband, Chris Pratt, each had a dead bug collection before they met and they have since combined their collections.

Gave birth to her 1st child at age 35, a son Jack Pratt on August 25, 2012. Child's father is her 2nd husband, Chris Pratt.

Returned to work 1 month after giving birth to her son Jack to begin filming Lluvia de albóndigas 2 (2013).

Was 6 months pregnant with her son Jack when she completed filming on Les doy un año(2013).

Attended the premiere of Lluvia de albóndigas (2009) and appeared on Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2003). [September 2009]

Son Jack was born 9 weeks premature weighing only three pounds. Faris and husband Chris Pratt were told by doctors that they should be prepared for maybe raising a special-needs child. However, Jack is not facing any limitation except for needing to undergo cosmetic surgery to correct his eyes and wearing glasses.

Has appeared with Justin Long in four films: ¡Marchando! (2005), Alvin y las ardillas 2(2009), Alvin y las ardillas 3 (2011) and Movie 43 (2013).

Son Jack was born 9 weeks premature weighing only three pounds.

Personal Quotes 
I try to keep my head on straight and take nothing for granted.

I don't really like to go out to clubs or anything. It's just not my style. I'd much rather go to a dive bar or a local place. I just don't love feeling awful, having to tell people, "Hi, yeah, I was in Scary Movie (2000). Do you mind if we come in?". I mean, it's so awkward.

I never imagined being able to make money from acting - and now I can.

They've [the Scary Movie series] given me a career but they've also sort of boxed me in. What really surprised me when I first moved here is that the industry thought of actors as either comedic or dramatic. And I'm still confused. I understand that maybe some people are better at one or the other, but I can't understand why it's so divided. I've been able to chip away at that a bit; I think it gets easier as my body of work expands.

Blythe Danner is somebody whose career I admire. She's a great actress and does good work, but also has a life of her own. I love my job but, at the end of the day, I want to come home and watch a movie and drink a bottle of wine with my husband.

[on doing another Scary Movie (2000) sequel] After Scary Movie 3 (2003), I was like "No I'm done," but then I had so much fun making [Scary Movie 4 (2006)] that I think that I would. I would definitely be open to doing it.

I was never the class clown or anything like that. When I was growing up and doing theatre in Seattle, I was always doing very dramatic work. Now I can't get a dramatic role to save my life!

What's Your Number? (2011) $1.750.000
Mom (2013) $125.000 per episode (2013-2014)