Lorenza Izzo

Lorenza Izzo

*Lorenza Izzo
(27 years old)

19 September 1989
Las Condes, Santiago, Metropolitan Region, Chile
5' 8" (1,73 m)

Lorenza Izzo was born on September 19, 1989 in Las Condes, Santiago, Metropolitan Region, Chile as Lorenza Francesca Izzo Parsons.

Eli Roth (8 November 2014 - present) 


Daughter of model Rosita Parsons.

Starred in her first major role in Que Pena Tu Boda at age 19, which went on to be the highest grossing Chilean film of 2011.

Loves design and fashion and is studying design at UCLA.

Went so far into character for the part of the disturbed teen Olympia in Instrucciones para mi Funeral that she was kicked out of her house until the shooting was finished.

Did her first magazine cover at age two weeks old with her mother Rosita Parsons and walked her first runway at age 15 for the top Chilean designer Ruben Campos.

Originally was cast in a Spanish language role in Nicolas Lopez's Aftershock, and it was only after speaking with producer Eli Roth that the crew realized she could speak English with no accent. They had only spoken with her in Spanish before that point.

At age 18 booked her first major campaign as the face of Brazilian fashion label Colcci, alongside Gisele Bundchen.

Although she often plays an American, her first language is Spanish. She grew up in Santiago Chile and as a teenager lived in Atlanta, Georgia. At age 16 she returned to Chile and finished high school there, and then attended Lee Strasberg Studio in New York. At the time of her arrival in Atlanta at age 13 Lorenza spoke English with a thick accent that she quickly lost.

Considers herself a tomboy, and loves extremes sports such as kitesurfing, freestyle skiing, waterskiing, and prefers to drive stick shift to automatic. For her part in Hemlock Grove as Brooke Bluebell she intensely trained with a cheerleading coach.

Nearly drowned in the Amazon while filming her scene in the river for The Green Inferno. The screams in the final film are her screaming for her life. She eventually was rescued when the stunt supervisor realized she wasn't acting and was yelling cut in Spanish.

Her favorite directors are Woody Allen, Pedro Almodovar, Quentin Tarantino, Jean-Jaques Beineix, Stanley Kubrick, and Baz Luhrman.

(Gifs and photos: source_Tumblr)