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Casey Affleck
American actor he has an onscreen career dating back to 1988, but his Academy Award nominated work in El asesinato de Jesse James por el cobarde Robert Ford (2007) gained him wider acclaim in recent years.

Affleck, the younger brother of Ben Affleck, was born Caleb Casey McGuire Affleck-Boldt on 12 August 1975 in Falmouth, Massachusetts to middle-class parents; his mother, Chris Anne (Boldt), was a school district employee and teacher, and his father, Timothy Byers Affleck, was a drug counselor who also served as a social worker, auto mechanic, custodian and bartender. He was also part of the Theater Company of Boston. Casey is of mostly English, Irish, German, and Scottish ancestry.

Affleck appeared in various roles on television while finishing high school and attending university, including as young Robert Kennedy in the TV mini-series Los Kennedy (1990). After graduating high school, he attended George Washington University and eventually transferred into Columbia University in New York, but he never earned his Bachelor's degree.

Affleck's first major film role was in Gus Van Sant's Todo por un sueño (1995), in which he co-starred with his future brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix and Nicole Kidman. He would go on to appear in two films with his brother, Persiguiendo a Amy (1997) and El indomable Will Hunting (1997), which Ben Affleck co-wrote with Matt Damon. Affleck then chose a variety of roles, most of which were considered to be commercial failures, including Todos la querían... muerta (2000), a modern version of Hamlet - Una historia eterna (2000) and Escapando de la oscuridad (2001). He also co-wrote the screenplay Gerry (2002) with Gus Van Sant and Matt Damon, which received a limited release in the United States.

But 2001 brought Affleck a plum role as part of Ocean's Eleven's ensemble cast. Affleck's character, a getaway driver named Virgil Malloy, reappeared in Ocean's Twelve (Uno más entra en juego) (2004) and Ocean's Thirteen (2007). Affleck also received positive critical notice for his work in Adiós pequeña, adiós (2007), and directed Joaquin Phoenix in the "hoax-umentary" I'm Still Here (2010). He also recently co-starred in the ensemble comedy Un golpe de altura (2011).

Affleck has signed on to star in the independent movie _Ain't Them Bodies Saints (2013)_, described as a Bonnie & Clyde-inspired tale about an escaped convict on the run through Texas, trying to reunite with his wife and daughter. He is married Summer Phoenix, to whom he was introduced by her brother Joaquin. The couple has two sons. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Anonymous

Summer Phoenix (3 June 2006 - present) (2 children) 

Trade Mark 
Manipulates features to accurately express emotions

Wide blue eyes

Often plays inexperienced characters caught in situations out of their depth

Frequently plays characters with deep moral conflicts

Low mumbling voice reminiscent of Marlon Brando

Younger brother of actor Ben Affleck.

Attended Columbia University, majoring in Physics. During this time he lived with his grandma in Manhattan.

Resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Summer Phoenix, and their two sons.

His ancestry is English, German, Scottish, Irish, Northern Irish (Scots-Irish), and distant Swiss. His maternal great-grandfather, Joseph Raymond Boldt, was born in Rhode Island, to German immigrants, and his maternal great-grandmother, Anne Rita Lenihan, was Irish, born in County Down.

In the March issue of Nylon Magazine, Casey Affleck admits to being ashamed of two movies in his career: Todos la querían... muerta (2000) and Escapando de la oscuridad(2001).

Is a vegan.

Best friends with Joaquin Phoenix.

Appeared with brother Ben Affleck in the movies Persiguiendo a Amy (1997), El indomable Will Hunting (1997) and 200 cigarrillos (1999).

His older brother, Ben Affleck, and his fiancée's older brother, River Phoenix, have both played versions of characters played by Harrison Ford. Ben Affleck played Jack Ryan in Pánico nuclear (2002), and River Phoenix played the young Indy in Indiana Jones y la última cruzada (1989).

Brother-in-law of Jennifer Garner, Joaquin Phoenix, River Phoenix, Rain Phoenix and Liberty Phoenix.

He and Summer Phoenix were a couple for six years before they married

He and his brother Ben Affleck have both had on-screen romances with Liv Tyler: Conociendo a Jim (2005), Armageddon (1998) and Jersey girl (Una chica de Jersey)(2004).

His mother purchased work by Boston acclaimed photographer Brian Carroll as a gift to Casey, for the back-to-back premieres of Adiós pequeña, adiós (2007) and El asesinato de Jesse James por el cobarde Robert Ford (2007).

Fluent in Spanish.

Was sued for sexual harassment during filming for I'm Still Here (2010) by Amanda Whiteand Magdalena Górka. The cases were settled [September 15, 2010].

Became a father for the 1st time at age 28 when his fiancée Summer Phoenix gave birth to their son Indiana August Affleck on May 31, 2004.

Became a father for the 2nd time at age 32 when his wife Summer Phoenix gave birth to their son Atticus Affleck on January 12, 2008.

Graduated from Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in June 1993.

Personal Quotes 
[on the responses to his being vegan] My family would be supportive if I said I wanted to be a Martian, wear only banana skins, make love to ashtrays, and eat tree bark. My mom has a good way of engaging me in a conversation about the choices I make, listening, being objective and open-minded, and respecting those choices so long as they don't put me in danger. For a while, every meal was the third degree, but when she couldn't refute any of the thousands of good reasons--my health, simple compassion, the health of the planet, etc., etc.--for being a vegan, she conceded and now is very conscious of what food she makes when I am around--and, I believe, when I am not around. She is lovely. My father never blinked. He is for the most part unflappable. In a good way. Live and let live--unless you are being an asshole. He will privately mock, ridicule, judge, etc. But, hey, who's gonna cast the first stone? For people who have been through it, made changes, had curve balls thrown at them, it is easier to digest change and digest change in other people. Change only scares the small-minded. The small-minded and me. No, I'm only kidding. It only scares me--I mean, the small-minded. I think if I gave my dad a five-minute rundown on the advantages of veganism, I could convert him without too much trouble. I'll do it next time I see him. Maybe. I'm not much into the converting business, though.

I don't think journalists have much impression of me. I haven't really done all that many interviews, partly by choice, and partly because no one's been all that interested.

[on his working relationship with brother Ben Affleck] It was easy mostly because we kind of just spoke the same language and were very comfortable saying to each other, "I think that's a terrible idea . . . " or "That's a great idea but what if . . . ?" We could sort of build on each other's excitement. We had a kind of shorthand.

(About breaking his arm) The doctor operated for six hours and saved my arm. I mean, I can't speak for my arm. It might have rather been set free.

I believe veganism can be beneficial for the individual and the world, and of course the animal, but belief is like laying in the dark with someone and telling them you love them and hearing nothing back. So I've never had the confidence to get on a soapbox and tell someone else what to do

I love taking a risk. If I'm a little bit afraid of a part, that's the first indication that it's going to be good for me. If I can't find that element of risk in the material, I always hope that the director is going to be open to taking chances. With this movie ['Out of The Furnace'] I was lucky enough to have both elements. The material was different, difficult and a little bit scary. As a director Scott [Cooper] fostered an environment where risk was the common currency. We knew we were going to take risks, even if it meant making mistakes. And that's the best kind of experience.

[on working with Christopher Nolan in Interstellar] There is not much I can say except that it's pretty incredible to work with somebody who is on top of his game. He is not only very talented, but also very successful. He has the keys to the kingdom in a way. He's got every tool in his disposal; every tool he wants. It makes for a very interesting set. I kinda felt privileged just to be hanging out and watching him work. He sets a really nice tone on the set; everyone is very relaxed. It probably costs a million dollar a minute just to be there.

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