Adriano Giannini

Adriano Giannini (44)

May 10, 1971

Rome, Lazio, Italy

5' 11" (1,8 m)


Son of Giancarlo Giannini

Mother is screenwriter/director Livia Giampalmo.

He and father Giancarlo Giannini played the same character in the Italian original (Insólita aventura de verano (1974)) and American remake (Barridos por la marea (2002)) of the same film.
Provides the voice of the Joker in the dubbed Italian version of El caballero oscuro (2008). Nineteen years earlier, his father Giancarlo Giannini dubbed the same character in Batman (1989).
Stepson of Eurilla del Bono.
Younger brother of Lorenzo Giannini.

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