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Channing Tatum was born in a small town called Cullman, 50 miles north of Birmingham, Alabama. Growing up, he was full of energy and somewhat troublesome, so his parents decided to enroll him in different sports such as track and field, baseball, soccer, and football to keep him out of trouble. ..
In the ninth grade he was sent to catholic school. It was there that he discovered his passion for football and his hopes became centered on earning an athletic college scholarship. Channing's goal was finally met, and in his senior year in high school, he was recruited and earned a full athletic college scholarship to a school in West Virginia.

Tatum is also skilled in Kung Fu and in Gor-Chor Kung Fu, a form of martial arts, in which he has earned belts in both. Channing later left college and, in the meantime, worked as a construction worker, a stripper, a mortgage broker and salesman. He has modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch, Nautica, Gap, Aeropostale, Emporio Armani, and has been featured in television commercials for American Eagle, Pepsi, and some very popular mountain dew commercials.

Channing can be seen on the big screen as a featured actor in Entrenador Carter (2005), in which he plays a high school basketball player. He was also in the very popular TV series CSI: Miami (2002) where he played the role of Bob Davenport.

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Jenna Dewan-Tatum (11 July 2009 - present) (1 child)

Trade Mark

Muscular body
Deep resonant voice


Has modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch, Dolce & Gabbana and Aeropostale. In 2002, starred in commercials for both Mountain Dew ("Drive") and Pepsi ("Scratching").
His first fashion show was at Level Nightclub in South Beach, Miami (November 2000) for Men's Health magazine. His friend Vincent De Paul asked him to do the show with him. After the fashion show, he began booking editorials for Ocean Drive magazine and his modeling career began.

He has English, German, Northern Irish (Scots-Irish), Irish, and French ancestry, and is also said to have Native American roots.
Was sent to a military school in ninth grade, where he joined the football team and intended to get a scholarship to play after graduation.
Big break was being cast in Ricky Martin's music video "She Bangs", where he was paid $400 for a 7-day shoot.
Moved from Alabama to Mississippi at age 6, where his family lived on a bayou.

Stills spends his summer time with his grandparents back in Alabama
Auditioned for the role of Gambit in X-Men. La decisión final (2006) before the role was eliminated.
Had worked as a construction worker, a mortgage broker, a salesman at the cologne counter of Dillard's, and a worker in a puppy/kitty nursery before started a modeling career.
Became good friends with Adam Scarimbolo and Shia LaBeouf on the set of Memorias de Queens (2006).


He is the older stepbrother of actor/singer Christopher Anderson.
Received a full athletic football scholarship at Glenville State College in West Virginia, but he dropped out of college.
When in ninth grade, he was given the option of either military school or a private school; Channing chose the military school.
During his time in school, he played football, soccer, track and baseball.
His first fashion show was at Level Nightclub in South Beach, Miami, for Men's Health magazine.

Attended the Deena Levy Theatre Studio.
Favourite childhood film was Los Goonies (1985).
When he was a child, his grandparents raised him during the summers.
Made the transition from modeling to acting because he didn't find modeling challenging enough for him.
Signed with Innovative Artists, a talent agency, to improve his acting career.

Has played a character called Duke twice, once in Ella es el chico (2006) and again in G.I. Joe (2009).
Has a dog named Meeka with his fiancée Jenna Dewan-Tatum.
Engaged to Jenna Dewan-Tatum his co-star from the movie Bailando (2006) as of September 10, 2008.
People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive in 2012.
Became a father for the 1st time at age 33 when his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum gave birth to their daughter Everly Elizabeth Maiselle Tatum on May 31, 2013.
Ranked #17 in Glamour's list of "50 Sexiest Men" in 2013.

Personal Quotes

I got crazy lucky. Like, sometimes I think I won the lottery or something. At times it feels like the bottom's gonna fall out. Just 'cause I don't really know how I got here. But I just keep moving forward, and it just keeps getting better and better. (2009 - on his career)
[on Indomable (2011)] My wife always hates when I go, "I just don't love female action movies'. I don't know why. I'll watch them, but I don't run to go and see them. I'd say, 'Find a girl that can, pardon my French, whup my ass, and I will go to the movie'. And they did! They went and found [MMA champion Gina Carano] and she did! And it was awesome. I truly loved it.

Men go to strip clubs for a pretty simple reason. It's a carnal, visual thing. The point of male stripping is to bring women onstage and embarrass them so their friends can cheer them on. Women go to watch their friends' faces turn red and to have a night of camaraderie with their girlfriends.
The more you try to look sexy, the lamer it is, so you just have to commit to the comedy.
[on being told that People Magazine voted him the 2012 'Sexiest Man Alive'] Y'all are messin' with me.
My mother taught me how to love. My mom is the most loving person I know.

I don't remember who said it, but I do believe that whatever age you become famous, you end up staying that age. Because from that point you're not asked to be a normal citizen..I worry about [Justin] Bieber, man. That kid's wildly talented. I hope he doesn't fall down into the usual ways of famous young kids because it's so hard for someone to be responsible when they're not asked to be.