Linda Evans

. 18 November _
Linda Evans
(73th anniversary)
18 November 1942 
Hartford, Connecticut, USA 
5' 8" (1,73 m)

Linda Evans was born on November 18, 1942 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA as Linda Evanstad.

Stan Herman (4 July 1975 - 1981) (divorced)
John Derek (1968 - 1974) (divorced) 

Trade Mark 
Platinum blonde hair

Sparkling blue eyes

Voluptuous figure

Deep sultry voice

Attended Hollywood High School with Stefanie Powers.

Engaged to Patrick Curtis (1960-1962).

Partner of Linda Evans Fitness Centers (15 locations) which eventually closed after she left the partnership in 2004 and began working with another fitness chain.

As a teenager, she guest starred in a 1960 episode of Papá soltero: A Crush on Bentley(1960) as a girl who develops a crush on John Forsythe's character. Some twenty years later, she co-starred on the television series Dinastía (1981) as John Forsythe's wife.

Her real last name, Evanstad, is of Norwegian origin.

Best friends with Sean Catherine Derek (her ex-stepdaughter from John Derek's first marriage to Pati Behrs).

Joan Rivers once said that Linda Evans "is one of the only people in the business I've never heard anything negative about".

Best known by the public for her starring role as Krystle Carrington on Dinastía (1981).

In 1959, she was voted an "Honorary Colonel" at the Hollywood Legion Post 43 on a gala night that featured upcoming female stars. Another girl in the group that same night was Barbara Parkins.

Due to her character's name on Dinastía (1981), she starred in an ad campaign for Crystal Light beverages, starting in 1984.

In 2006, Evans reunited with her Dinastía (1981) castmates for the non-fiction reunion special Dynasty Reunion: Catfights & Caviar (2006).

Regularly listed as one of the most beautiful women in America, she appeared in Playboy magazine at the behest of then-husband John Derek in 1971. Those photos were published a second time in 1982 when she was turning forty.

In 2009, she won the fourth series of the British reality television series Hell's Kitchen(2004).

Former Miss Golden Globe.

Barbara Stanwyck, her television mother on Valle de pasiones (1965), always called her "Audra" after her character Audra Barkley, even after the series ended. She claims she learned much about acting from Stanwyck.

Her singing vocals in Diversión en la playa (1965) was dubbed by Jackie Ward (known at the time as Robin Ward), who was one of the most popular studio singers of the 1960s-1970s.

She was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6834 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on August 20, 1987.

Acting protégée of John Forsythe and Barbara Stanwyck.

Friends with: Ursula Andress, Bo Derek, Heather Locklear, Joan Collins, Robert Fuller, Lee Majors and Larry Manetti.

After her role in the drama film La hermanastra (1997), she retired from acting at age 54.

She was one of the guests at the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Her second acting mentor and former series' lead, John Forsythe, died on April 2, 2010, at age 92.

Her first acting mentor and former series' lead, Barbara Stanwyck, died on January 20, 1990, at age 82.

Revealed that she had a wonderful working relationship with John Forsythe on Dinastía(1981).

Knew John Forsythe when she was 18 years old and was friends with him until his death in 2010.

Was approached by David Jacobs to star on Dallas (1978), when she was under contract with Lorimar.

Personal Quotes 
A whole family would be absurd now. But one child would be wonderful.

[on Aaron Spelling]: Aaron Spelling went further than anyone has ever gone for television.

[When she had different roles to play]: After Dinastía (1981), I wanted a reality check. I wanted to get in touch with real life, you know? That kind of world is kind of outrageous.

All my life, I kind of had the strangest career because whenever I fell in love, I stopped working.

[When she won on Hell's Kitchen (2005)]: I'm glad I did it, I volunteered to be here and I said I wanted to learn and I'm going to learn.

[When she was battling menopause and depression]: For the first time in my life, I understood what it was like to not be totally in control of my life. I am in a downward spiral to hell, it just got worse and worse. It was like all the lights were down low.

[Who paid tribute to John Forsythe]: A man who may come into work everyday so magical. This show was so serious and he was funny personally. We'd be fighting and people would be strangling each other and he made me laugh, all day long, who'll ever be forever grateful to him for that.

[on her on- and off-screen chemistry with John Forsythe, who played Blake Carrington]: Well, he gave me my first speaking part ever when I was 15, Papá soltero (1957), and I had a crush on him! I played his niece's friend, and he wrote on the script, "You are going to be somebody someday." And I brought that on the set of Dinastía (1981), about the third year I found it, and I said, "John, look what you wrote.".

[on John Forsythe]: When I did meet him in Papá soltero (1957), it was a show called Crush on Bentley, and his niece that was Bachelor Father, of and I were the same age, 15 years old (Noreen Corcoran). We did the show and I had a crush on Bentley, and in the end, he fixes me up with these football players, and it was so sweet getting to know him, then, and he signed my script, because it was my first speaking part and he put on it, "Linda, you're going to be somebody someday and I found it when I was doing Dynasty," and brought on the set and say, "See John, you were psychic, you knew this was going to happen." It was so easy when I saw him when I walked on the set of Dinastía (1981). He looked at me and he said, "Mine Linda Evans, did how you're grown and how's your mother, Arlene?". And he remembered my mother's name. He remembered my real name - which is Evanstad. MGM Studios later changed it to Evans. I said, "Oh John, it's going to be so easy to love you in this part and it was Heaven to work with him, absolute Heaven, he had the most delicious sense of humor." He would make me laugh, all day long and we had so much drama, and on the script of Dynasty, and fights and things that we had to do with people, and he would constantly just joking/laughing, saying, "Come on, you can do this?". And we have to go out to get some awards and I was afraid to get up and in-front of people, when I was in junior high school - from that day, I was so shy and get up to do a book report, and he would encourage me and take my hand and walk up with me, he was extraordinary. We remained friends until he died, I talked to him like three weeks before he passed, and we talked all the time.