Dean Cain

Dean Cain
*Dean Cain
(50 years old)

31 July 1966
Mt. Clemens, Michigan, USA
6' (1.83 m)

While at Princeton, he completed a history major, dated Brooke Shields for two years, and set an NCAA record for interceptions in a season. After signing with the Buffalo Bills, a knee injury ended his pro career before it began. Though he had already played a part in his father's The Stone Boy (1984), he went through the usual route of commercials and tv-parts (notably, SensaciĆ³n de vivir (1990) in 1990) before landing his break-through role as Superman/Clark Kent in the series Lois y Clark: las nuevas aventuras de Superman(1993).

His mother, actress Sharon Thomas Cain, married his adoptive father, director Christopher Cain; when Dean was three. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Ed Stephan <>

Father, with Samantha Torres, of son, Christopher Dean Cain, who was born on June 11, 2000 at 1:30pm. He weighed 7lbs. 15oz. Son was named after his grandfather, Christopher Cain.

Was engaged to country singer Mindy McCready in 1997, only to break up with her a year later.

Signed by the Buffalo Bills, but a knee injury ended his career.

Son of actress Sharon Thomas Cain.

Moved to California at age 3 and grew up in Malibu.

Graduated from Princeton University with a major in History.

Dean is of three eighths Japanese descent; Dean's paternal grandfather, John Megumi Tanaka, was of Japanese background, and Dean's paternal grandmother, Grace E. Miyoko Sugiura, was of half Japanese and half European descent. Other than Japanese, Dean's ancestry includes English, French-Canadian, Irish, and Welsh.

His birth name, Tanaka, is tattooed in Japanese on his ankle.

Founded Angry Dragon Entertainment, a film production company, in 1998.

Member of the Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America.

Adopted son of director Christopher Cain, younger brother of Roger Cain and older half-brother of Krisinda Cain.

[6-9 March 2003] Does work for the 'Aspen Grassroots Experience' and he attended their 7th Annual Aspen Celebrity Downhill, which was held to benefit children through this charity.

Owns homes in Malibu, Aspen, Colorado, and Ibiza.

Took part (with Greg Norman) in Australia Week 2004 - Jacobs Creek Invitational Golf Day, Mountain Gate Country Club, L.A. - 19th January 2004.

Took part in Radio Shack All-Star Celebrity Softball Game, which was held at the US Cellular Field on July 13th, 2003.

In May 2005 he visited soldiers in Iraq with Kelly Hu and Amanda Swisten.

Along with Teri Hatcher, Patrick Cassidy, Michael McKean, George Murdock, Richard Gantand Rob LaBelle, he is one of only seven actors to appear in both Lois y Clark: las nuevas aventuras de Superman (1993) and Smallville (2001).

On the Howard Stern Show on January 10, 2001, Cain said that his biological father lied to the National Enquirer when he stated that Cain's mother left him while he was serving in the Vietnam War. Cain stated his father never served in the war but instead cheated on his mother, which was the real reason they divorced.

Brother-in-law of Jeff Schafer.

Alex Hale cites Dean Cain has his favorite actor.

Personal Quotes*

"Yes, I would. Absolutely. Any woman that could have a bikini painted on and have you believe it's really a bikini is okay by me" - when asked by Larry King if he would date a painted woman.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993) $75.000 /episode (1996)