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Hannah Murray

Hannah Murray
was born in Bristol, England in 1989. Murray's father is a University professor and her mother is a research technician in the same field. When she was a teenager she began taking drama lessons, and she fell for acting. At the age of 16, Hannah Murray decided to pursue acting and she auditioned for "Skins" (2007), the debut series for new channel E4. She won the role of "Cassie Ainsworth", a gentle, "spacey", yet self-destructive teenager with an eating disorder. The role lasted 2 seasons on the show, when her generation was replaced with a new one. But until today, her character remains one of the greatest icons of the series. Murray can also be seen in "Chatroom", "Womb" , "Dark Shadows" and "Game of Thrones". - IMDb Mini Biography By: Clara Gregor

She made her TV debut in 2007 in the TV Series Skins.

She is a vegetarian.

Personal Quotes 
I've read scripts that have full nudity, loads of violence, full of everything. But when it's written in a clever way, it really works.

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