Jay Baruchel (info)

Jay Baruchel (info)
Jay Baruchel was born in Ottawa, Ontario, and was raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is the son of Robyne (Ropell), a freelance writer, and Serge Victor Baruchel, an antiques dealer. He has a younger sister who also acts. He started acting in 1995 when he made his first of three appearances on the hit show El club de medianoche (1990). He was also in more localized shows such as My Hometown (1996) and Popular Mechanics for Kids (1997).

Baruchel had spent some downtime and finally got a chance to be in a classic film calledCasi famosos (2000) in 2000. He played "Vic", a devout fan of Led ZeppelinJudd Apatowsoon had a show in the works and Baruchel played "Steven Karp" on Undeclared (2001). He also had the chance to star alongside actors such as Ian Somerhalder and James Van Der Beek as "Harry" in Las reglas del juego (2002). Things began to slow down a bit after a couple more failed shows.

Soon enough, Baruchel came back as the courageous "Danger Barch" in Million Dollar Baby (2004). Bringing life to a role that could have been ruined so easily, Baruchel made "Danger" a well-loved character. The best part about this actor is his loyalty to his home country. He loves to be able to work in Canada as often as possible. He has been in many fantastic independent films such as Fetching Cody (2005), Just Buried (2007) and Real Time (2008). All three of those films appeal to sides of a person that are never known to exist until it's too late.

He was also in many successful American comedy films. He was the lead in Ni en sueños(2010) and played one of Seth Rogen's best friends (which he really is) in the movie Lío embarazoso (2007). He's also made his mark in family-friendly films such as Cómo entrenar a tu dragón (2010), playing the unlikely "Viking Hiccup" and also played the title role in El aprendiz de brujo (2010) alongside his newly-found kindred spirit, actor Nicolas Cage.

It is no secret that while he enjoys acting, it truly is a means to an end. He lived his dream as he worked on the hockey comedy Goon (2011), and is working on many other films that are what he considers to be passion projects. Now he is making films that he has been preparing for all of his life and nothing can slow him down. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Kate Schum

Trade Mark
Lanky frame

Expressive eyes/eyebrows

Often plays awkward yet endearing characters

Nasally voice

Often wears sneakers to red carpet events


He started taking acting classes at the age of 12

Played drums in Canadian rock group "Martin".

Attended the same high school as Christopher PlummerWilliam ShatnerMelissa Auf der Maur and Mitsou.

Speaks French fluently.

Is an avid fan of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team.

Resides in Montreal, Canada.

Jay's paternal grandfather, Johnny Baruchel, was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and was from a Sephardi Jewish family (from Egypt, Algeria, and Italy). Jay's three other grandparents were from a Christian background. Jay's paternal grandmother, Marie-Madeleine Virlouvet, was of French background. Jay's maternal grandparents, Robert William Ropell and Helen Margaret Saunders, were both Canadian-born, and were both of German and Irish ancestry.

Has a red maple leaf the size of a golfball tatooed over the left side of his chest (over his heart). His other tattoos are of a Celtic Cross and of his mother's maiden name.

Was engaged to actress Alison Pill from December 2010 until March 2013.

Close friend of Seth Rogen.

Older brother of Taylor Baruchel.

Personal Quotes 
The hockey I was raised on, the hockey I understand, the hockey that my dad taught me about when I was a boy was intrinsically connected with fighting. I grew up in a house where we revered tough guys.

I think sports makes for good drama because it has all the same ingredients as anything worth reading or listening to or watching. Conflict, desire, heartbreak - it's all there. People project their hopes, ambitions and failings onto their sports clubs. They become symbiotically connected with the fate of their favorite team. This is a deep blood oath connection to something ancient and tribal inside most if us and, as a result, it's universal.

[on being directed by David Cronenberg] That man has been one of my heroes since I was about thirteen. I adore his movies and his body of work is something that all Canadians can take proud ownership of. When I was asked if I'd be interested in doing two days on ['Cosmopolis'] I said 'Yes, yes, and yes' without having read the script. I would have picked up his dry cleaning if they'd asked me.

I am a proud Montrealer. Jobs will take me where they take me but nothing will ever be able to convince me to leave my home. If it were up to me every job would be somewhere in Canada.

[on making movies in Canada] I'm not chasing a brass ring anymore. I'm not trying to be a movie star. I'm so happy with the life I have right now, and part of that is being up here. So it just comes down to I want to make movies at home. I prefer spending time here than in any other country in the world.

I'm just sick of watching Canadian movies with Canadian actors and Canadian backdrops, and then they exchange money and it's American cash. I remember when The Trotsky(2009) came out. All the reviews were like, "Oh, some of the Montreal inside jokes will take some getting used to". I was just like, what inside jokes? We reference the town we're shooting in. Turn the camera on, walk down the street. Where you're shooting, that's where it takes place. It's as simple as that.

[on The Making Of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice] Physical comedy is the reason I got into acting. I've been tripping and falling down my whole life, so I figured I might as well find a way to get paid for it.

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