Cobie Smulders (info)

Cobie Smulders (info) 
Amazingly, newcomer Cobie Smulders never gave much thought to acting. She was born on April 3, 1982, in Vancouver, British Columbia, to a Dutch father and an English mother. As a girl, Cobie had set her sights on becoming a doctor or a marine biologist. In fact, it wasn't until high school that Cobie started to explore acting after appearing in several school productions. As a teenager, Cobie caught the eye of a modeling agency, which led to several years of world travel to places such as France, Japan, Italy, Greece, and Germany. Yet even as Cobie's modeling career was on the rise, she still managed to attend school, graduating from high school in 2000 with honors.

Once out of high school, Cobie continued modeling internationally until the opportunity arose to audition for film and television. It was not long before Cobie's natural ability as an actress impressed casting directors, landing her guest spots on television series such as Special Unit 2 (2001) and Jeremiah (2002). In addition, Cobie also appeared in the short Candy from Strangers (2001) directed by fellow Canadian rising star Eric Johnson.
Cobie got her big break just months later when she landed the role of Juliet Droil in the ABC program Veritas - la búsqueda de la verdad (2003). The series marked her first series role for television. - IMDb Mini Biography By:

Taran Killam (8 September 2012 - present) (2 children)

Trade Mark 
Husky voice

Former model.

Was voted "Most Respected" by her classmates her senior year in high school.

Participated in various sports as a teenager including tennis, swimming, and soccer.

While announcing his departure from the long-awaited Wonder Woman (2017) feature,Joss Whedon joked that she was his choice to play Princess Diana of Themiscyra (WW herself).

Is of Dutch (father) and British (mother) descent.

Voted #9 on the 2011 Maxim list of Hot 100 Women.

Is a certified scuba diver.

Named one of the "most desirable" famous women for 2013 in Askmen's list of the Top 99 Most Desirable Women.

She is exactly two days younger than her husband Taran Killam.

The finale episode of her show Cómo conocí a vuestra madre (2005) was released, and was one of the most watched episodes of the series, the same week that her film Capitán América: El Soldado de Invierno (2014) opened at #1 at the US box office.

Gave birth to her 1st child at age 27, a daughter named Shaelyn Cado Killam on May 14, 2009. Child's father is her fiancé (now husband) Taran Killam.

(September 8, 2012) Married her boyfriend of 5 years & father of her 3-year-old daughter named Shaelyn, Taran Killam, following a 3-year-long engagement.

Gave birth to her 2nd child at age 32 in early January 2015. Child's father is her husband,Taran Killam.

Personal Quotes 
[jokingly wondering why Tim Horton's created a Jason Priestley doughnut and not one for her character, "Robin Scherbatsky"] I was just pissed off that [he] got his own frickin' doughnut. And I was like, "Well, where's the 'Robin Sparkles'?" They could put some little sparkles on top. It's kind of a bummer. Pitch it, guys. Pitch it.
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