Michael Cassidy

 Michael Cassidy (33) March 20, 1983
Portland, Oregon, USA
6' (1,83 m)

He is an actor and producer, known for Argo (2012), Men at Work (2012) and Pequeños grandes héroes(2006). He has been married to Laura Eichhorn since August 27, 2006.
Laura Eichhorn (27 August 2006 - present)

Grew up in Portland, Oregon.
Studied for two years at New York's New Actors' Workshop.He went to Los Angeles in 2004 to audition for Superman Returns (El regreso) (2006). He didn't get the part but impressed McG, then the film's director and an executive producer of O.C. (2003), who got him an audition.
Enjoys playing golf.
Went to La Salle High School.

Personal Quotes
You get vaulted into this world of show business. All of a sudden I'm hanging out with movie stars. - On landing The O.C.