Michael Dudikoff (61)

8 October 1954, Redondo Beach, California, USA
6' (1.83 m)

Known For
 El guerrero americano (1985)
 Tron (1982)
Cobra (1993)

His father, Joseph Stephen Michael Senior, is Russian.
He studied Child Psychology.
Graduated from West Torrance High School.
Has two children: daughter, Nancy; son, Joseph Stephen Michael III.
Plays tennis.
Has a beautiful retriever named Shooter.
Trained in Brazilian Jujitsu.
His passion is designing homes, particularly ranch style. His fifth home was called the "Dudarosa". He also delves into bronze sculpturing.
Was initially dubbed a "Dean-Mcqueen," a cross between James Dean and Steve McQueen.
Dudikoff began his career as a tanned, bright-smiling model featured in a Coppertone suntan commercial.

Born and raised in Redondo Beach in the Los Angeles area.
Lives in Rolling Hills Estates, California.