Michael Cera

7 June 1988
Michael Cera
(27th anniversary)

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

5' 8½" (1.74 m)

Canadian actor Michael Cera is the middle child of a Canadian mother and Italian father, both of whom worked for Xerox. He has two sisters. He was educated at Conestoga Public School, Robert H. Lagerquist Senior Public School and Heart Lake Secondary School until the grade nine. Cera then completed his high school education via correspondence.

During a childhood illness he repeatedly viewed Los cazafantasmas (1984), learning the dialogue. It was this that sparked his interest in performing. He went on to take classes in improvisation at The Second City Toronto. Roles followed in commercials and TV, but he first came to major public attention when he was cast as George Michael Bluth in the critically acclaimed comedy series "Arrested Development" (2003). After the cancellation of this series, Cera successfully transitioned into movies, scoring starring roles in various projects such as Supersalidos (2007), Juno (2007), Youth in Revolt (2009) and as the eponymous hero in Scott Pilgrim contra el mundo (2010).

Alongside acting, Cera is also a musician - he sings and plays guitar and bass. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Anonymous

Trade Mark 
Often plays naive and/or slightly nerdy characters

Often plays soft-spoken, sensitive characters

Wide expressive eyes

Curly light brown hair

Splits his time between Los Angeles and with his family at home in Brampton.

Michael has two siblings, an older sister Jordan and a younger sister, Molly.

His mother, Linda, comes from Montreal, Quebec, and has English, Irish, Scottish, and Dutch ancestry, and his father, Luigi Cera, is from Sicily.

Auditioned for the role of Cole Sear in El sexto sentido (1999), which went to Haley Joel Osment.

Plays guitar in his free time and, according to Ellen Page, his Juno (2007) co-star, he's "very good at it".

Was ranked #1 on Entertainment Weekly's '30 Under 30' the actors list (2008).

His last name means "wax" in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Last name is pronounced "SEH-ra".

Member of The Interstate 5 Tennis Association.

Says that he is often mistaken for Jesse Eisenberg.

Lives in ultra trendy Los Angeles neighborhood, Los Feliz. Giovanni Ribisi, Bo Barrett, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Pine, Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Kristen Stuart, Brad Pitt, Hannah Telle and Robert Pattinson are among the other actors who also call Los Feliz home.

Santiago, Chile: Filming Magic Magic (2013). [July 2011]

Moving from Los Angeles, CA, USA to Brooklyn, NY, USA. [July 2013]

Personal Quotes 
I'm not really trying to make 'great art.'

I like a woman to take control but they're hard to find. For example, when I go out to a restaurant I know every girl in there wants to come say hi and be sexually aggressive, but they're all so gripped by shyness that they don't even make a move. In some cases the shyness is so severe they won't even look at me.

[re his character in Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus and 2012 (2013)] Even the nicest people in the world know what it's like to be selfish, even if they don't act on it. Everyone has access to those impulses. He's both fixated and miserable. He's a person who is so uncomfortable with himself that he can't be in the present moment for even a second.

[re social life in Hollywood, and move to NYC] I'm not plugged into that world. It's a really good city to be a homebody and sit and watch movies with friends. It takes a lot of work to be plugged in to people. Every day you wake up it's a new challenge, like: 'What am I going to do with myself today?'...In New York, if you walk outside you are involved. Everyone feels that, and everyone is feeding off that. I saw New York in Los Cazafantasmas (1984) when I was 4 years old and decided I would end up living there.

[re confusion with Jesse Eisenberg] I get it a lot. People will tell me they loved me in La red social (2010), and I will tell them I'm not Jesse. I was in a convenience store one time buying something, and the guy just ahead of me was paying for something and he looked at me and he goes, 'Jesse Eisenberg?' I went, 'No.' Then he goes, 'Michael Cera?' I was pretty impressed he got it on the second try.

One of the great things about being involved in this business is that you meet people who are so talented, whose stuff you admire, who you can potentially work with.